All About Me!

My interest in photography began when I was around thirteen years old. I recall my dad having a really small camera that looked like something that James Bond may have had. It was so tiny, and the film was so small, you wouldn't think something like that would produce any pictures of any kind, but it did. I thought that was the greatest thing ever. 

High school was a fun time for me. Not the whole history, english and math thing, but being in the Library Club and getting to fool around with the audio visual equipment. Part of my task was to go to the various classrooms and show 16mm educational movies to the other students. I was having the time of my life. 

My passion for photography really started one year when our high school took on a student teacher to help out in the library. Photography and video was his expertise and had a fancy camera to prove it. He would take me and a friend of mine out on photo shoots shooting pictures, and video with his 8mm home movie camera. We even got to go flying with the cameras on-board and flew around the surrounding area shooting different stuff and even shooting aerial shots of our high school. We also made a feature film starring my friend and me. 

I shot my first wedding in 1981 and I am still going strong. At first, shooting weddings would be just for acquaintances. After a while I would charge for just the film and then eventually figure in my expenses and time. Either way I would give the customers the negatives. 

After working out of my home for many years I finally opened a storefront in our community. I had a full time staff of four people and three outside independent contractors.Shortly after opening my storefront I started shooting wedding videos.At the end of 2010 I felt the need to move on in my career. A business opportunity presented itself to me so I moved the studio to the next town over and relocated next door to a bridal shop. 

Since I had moved into the public's eye, I have met some very interesting people and have done some interesting work. I have had the opportunity to take photos of Senator Barrak Obama, Mrs. Illinois Galaxy and have done some video for the Montel Williams Show, and other notables. 

I moved back to being a home based business at the end of 2013. I have gone full circle and I have cherished every moment of my journey. I hope that some day, in my journey with photography, our paths will cross and I will have the opportunity to work with you and your families.

- Curt Trammel